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"I think Ive figured it out Logan. I think I know what it is.” ... “I asked myself the questions that everyone else is afraid to ask. Just like you told me to. I asked myself: how do you kill that which is already dead? Then I started looking at it like a cold mathematical equation. We got it wrong. We have been fighting the zombies using attrition warfare this whole time. Weve been trying to kill them all. But you can’t add death to death and balance an equation. To kill something alive you must minus life. To cancel out death from the other side of the equation you must plus life. Death plus death, I guess, equals more death and imbalance. The equation reversed is “death plus life” and that returns the world to balance. To zero.”Doctor Abraham Priest and General James Logan have what it takes to save the world from the gaping jaws of defeat. But rogue US Air Force General John Cygan would sooner watch it burn than see it fall to the dead. Logan and Abe partner themselves with tough as nails inner city cop, Elizabeth Jones, and army pilot "Jack" as they fight against the clock to save the world.Served with lashings of gore, Reggie takes the genre to somewhere it has seldom been before. Its end.

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