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    Explore the mind of new author Sebastian Serrano as he takes you on a roller coaster through insane thoughts and the macabre. Journey through the ideas of people who are wrought with depression or controlled by the more psychotic parts of human existence. The common themes in these stories are horror, gore, and a twist that will make your head spin. Experience things you never understood, like self-harm, suicide, and murder; know the character’s reasons, know their feelings, and their reactions to the things they’ve done. Discover new diseases and disorders that you didn’t know existed, and dive deep into the horrors that you are capable of committing yourself. Tales range from homicidal mothers, to abusive fathers, to suicidal children. Just by entering this unique world that closely borders our own, you are risking your own view on your life, loved ones, and the stranger across the street. No one is safe, and no one is nice enough to help the person next to them, for fear that they will end up being the enemy. Be ready to question your reality, and sanity, and know that no one will be safe from you again as you embrace your inner self and become the monster you were always meant to be.

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