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Doctor John Larson and his wife Linda are having some trouble with their son. The son, Bruce, wants to invite two friends. However the house rules says that he can only invite one friend at the time. A big argument erupts and Bruce run out slamming the door. Later when discussing the problem it is agreed that Bruce can invite his girlfriend and one more person. During one afternoon Linda hears that John is talking to another woman on his cell phone. She decides to contact a lawyer the following day. When John later explain what he was doing, Linda wants to cancel with the lawyer. "We understand you are afraid of Doctor Larson but we will help you," said the lawyers. Linda insists that she dont wont a divorce and she only want to cancel the appointment. "We know your situation," insists the lawyers. "The police has been involved with all the cases involving Doctor Larson. We well help you." Linda get scared and contact the police. There she is told what has happened and is promised all help if needed. A phone call for help changes the situation, and Doctor Larson is taken in to custody.

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