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In 2017, the first case of HX1NX1 is diagnosed. By end of its three year run, the virus takes far more souls than it leaves behind. Mankind weathers the awful, bloody storm The Bleeds blows in on, and strives to rebuild much of what was lost. But either Fate, an angry God or just plain bad luck isn’t done with the world. Not long after the pandemic burns itself out, a new terror emerges, one long hidden from view, but always there. It turns out some monsters are real after all.Detective Thomas Rykker, part of the elite unit known as the SSIRD, or the “The Boogeyman Squad” as it is nicknamed, is investigating a report of a body in an abandoned section of Los Angeles. Expecting to find an overdosed junkie, what he discovers instead is the horribly mutilated remains of a vampire. Even more surprising, the dead “leech” is carrying an ancient scroll of unimaginably evil power. Thus begins a race against time as Rykker tries to solve the mystery of what killed the vampire, while battling against an undead adversary and his legion. In the background, watching all this unfold, is a local organized crime boss who also happens to be the leader of one of the most powerful werewolf packs in the area. It appears he has an interest in the scroll as well, but to what end?As this vortex of events forces humans, vampires and werewolves into a final confrontation, something else has taken note. Something with a purpose of its own.

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