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IN THE DARKNESS OF WAR THEY HUNTThe Barons voice was more like a growl than any human voice the Nazi Colonel had ever heard. It was as if some animal whose mouth was not made to form human words had somehow learned the trick of speech.“Its a pity youre not a man to see value in knowing your enemies.” He leaned in close to Schmidt, spoke into the Nazis ear. “All too dependent on your fast machines, your pitiful technology. Youve forgotten the power of the mind, the strength of the flesh.”The Baron came around Schmidt to face him. He looked down at the much smaller man so that their noses were almost touching. The assembled soldiers were moving too, forming a circle with the Baron and Schmidt at the center.“As you can see,” the Baron said with a smile, “the men you left with me these many months have become creatures of sterner stuff indeed.”The Baron raised his arms then, turning to show off his new legion to the horrified SS man.All around them the men were changing.Some had wolf like heads, while others had arms of corded, inhuman muscle covered in thick fur. In various states of transformation, each was a unique and terrible horror.As the seemingly unstoppable Nazi war machine rampages across Europe, forgotten American Agent Augustus Rourke wages a one man shadow campaign against the German Army in occupied Paris.But as Hitler turns his gaze East, an ancient evil rises up from the fog of myth and legend with a purpose far more horrifying than merely controlling Europe.Rourke soon finds himself drawn into an age old conflict with the very fate of the human race at stake.A lone soldier in a desperate, secret war against the terror of the true WOLVES OF THE LAND.PRAISE FOR WOLVES OF THE LAND:"Donchatz writes with a slight over-the-top edge and it works well for empowering a short novel. The overall pace is quick and a lot has to happen, which gives the author less time for character development. But Donchatz handles the balance perfectly, allowing enough space for thrills, action, and some romance. Everything starts early on and it keeps running straight till the end.  Its a thrill ride that focuses on the adventure and adding something different to something so well-known. Readers who are looking for a little bit of everything, this is the book for you." -HORRORPALACE.COM

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