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Part two of the Reggie series. James Logan had been wrong. He had been wrong about Lizzie and what she had been through as the zombies ravaged the dead city of New York. He had been wrong about the CDC being able to produce enough of the Zolpidem cure to turn the zombie war back in their favor, and most of all, he had been wrong about himself. The battle for D.C had been long and hard. Losing the city meant losing all hope for a world wide cure in super-heating and dispersing a Zolpidem based cure. All the retired General, along with his partner, the tough as nails inner city cop Elizabeth Jones, can do is escape to England by air. There they find themselves on an arduous road trip across the English Countryside and Industrial North East while making for Russia - the only other world superpower known to be working on an alternative dispersal platform for the cure and the last hope for the human race. In the truest zombie road trip, Logan and Lizzie stop at nothing to help all those they meet on the way, while Logans inner brutality and violence starts to manifest itself in tearing down anything that stands against them. So while Logan wrestles with the monster inside of himself and the zombies bringing about the end of the human race, Lizzie recalls the story of the fall of New York and the death of her best friend, Jason Seven. Lizzie, the raven haired, young, attractive cop, had thought she had learned how to deal with loss. Had thought she had learned how to deal with heartbreak. But now has to watch another true friend die through the scope of her rifle. Against the backdrop of General John Cygans horrific revelation, only Russia stands as the hope of all mankind.

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