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Praise for The DealThe Deal is the real deal, a fun-to-read novel loaded with inside knowledge of Silicon Valley.–Steven Levy, author of Insanely GreatThe Deal is smartly conceived and delivers on its promise...a compelling page-turner.–Po Bronson, author of The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest and BombardiersFor people seeking an entertaining, thinly fictionalized Book of Jobs, The Deal will do just fine.–Bob Brandeis, Amazon.comHutsko knows that many general readers have tired a bit of the Apple-insider he has included boardroom coups, backstabbing power players, the hi-tech entrepreneurialism of the Apple saga and thrown in a few Grishamesque plot twists as further enticement. What separates The Deal from lesser thrillers is that the title refers not only to the boardroom vicissitudes that drive Via and, indeed, the plot, but also the pacts made between its gray flannel workaholics and the women they love. The book is a curious hybrid: part thriller, part business soap opera, part “insider account”? Only Hutsko knows. But as a work of fast, fun fiction, the deal with The Deal is that it delivers the goods.–Todd Tobias, Rocky Mountain NewsIn his first novel, New York Times contributor and former Apple insider Joe Hutsko offers a ringside seat at the wrenching struggle for control of Americas most innovative computer company. Here are Silicon Valleys legendary players: the supercharged young wizards, the glossy baby execs, the bored rich, and the shrewd parasites they attract, all woven into a taut suspense novel told by one of the Valleys own.Meet Peter Jones: brilliant, mercurial, he changed the face of an industry and literally invented the portable computer. And Matthew Locke: quintessential company man and marketing genius, he reached the top of New Yorks corporate ladder while still in his thirties. Both are determined to control Via Computer Inc.--the portable computer company that Jones began in his college dorm, forged out of vision and chutzpah; and, some say, the company he is dangerously close to destroying.Driven more by aesthetic instincts and perfectionism than the bottom line, Peter Jones is consumed by his vision of a better world through technology and doesnt see that his company is sinking fast. As sales drop and deadline after deadline is missed, Via risks losing the cutting edge that made it one of Americas most visible and valuable entities. A clash is inevitable. Matthew Locke means to wrest power from Jones and lock the company into a Faustian pact with its largest competitor. As the battle for power escalates, it tests the greed and morality of nearly everyone in the golden-hued valley...and threatens to destroy not only a company but also the lives to these two men.For Peter it means the possibility of losing Kate McGreggor, the beautiful "softly outspoken" folksinger, the only person who really understands his vision...and is devastated by his actions. And the stakes for Matthew? His stunning wife, Greta, whose forays in the world of the Internet bring her to a decision that could destroy not only their marriage but everything the two men have ever worked for.At the center of the storm lies a simple question: What defines a company--its people, its product, or its vision?Told from the insider point of view, The Deal is a gritty re-creation of the computer industry today. We meet the techno-geek visionaries who create the electronic toys we are addicted to and who consider the engineer God, as well as the corporate sharks who look to the bottom line for heaven. Power struggles and sexual politics, corporate backstabbing and media manipulation, all ensue.And at its heart, The Deal is the journey of a man who loses it all and finds his way home to reclaim his dream the hard way.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033740558
    • ISBN:  9781452438719

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