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Benny Crown had been out Friday night, and didnt have to many memories from the party. Waking up Saturday morning he was cuddling a large bag. Holding it with both arms, like it had been a girlfriend. Opening the bag, he saw it was filled with money. Tossing it down on the floor, he went to Jon. Coming back from the bathroom the bag was still there. Picking it up, and emptying it all on the bed. He saw all the bunches of old money, Benny started to count it. There were hundred bunches of hundred dollar bills, each bunch had hundred hundred dollar bills, a total of one million dollars. Benny went out to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. Looking up, he saw an elderly man, well dressed in good quality clothings sitting on his couch. Who are you, and how did you come in here? I always keep my door closed, and I live on the second floor. Mr. Crown, this well dressed man said, My name is Jack Frost, but most people call me the Devil. And Mr. Crown, doors has never been a problem for me. How did you like the bag of money I gave you? Well if it is a gift from you Devil, I like it. However how can I use it? All my friends, my girlfriend and my parents they all know I havent got that kind of money. Usually when I give something to a person, it will usually be that persons problem. However Mr. Crown, can I call you Benny? In your case I am going to help you with that problem. Today, before eleven oclock tonight go and buy a lotto quick pick, and you will win twelve million dollars. That million I gave you will than be usable. With those words the devil turned to smoke and disappeared. Benny decided to have breakfast at a food-place, and buy the lotto ticket at the same time. He went in to a circle K store, and bought one quick pick. Looking at the ticket he noticed that the numbers were his own and Veronikas birthdays.Bruce King was sitting in this government office waiting for his turn. He hated to sit and wait, but now he needed to change his name, Now when he was a member of the Islamic faith, he wanted to change his name to Bruce Mohammed. Coming home with his new name, he sat down to look at the TV-news. They showed a preacher, that on the TV said that any person believing in the Islamic faith is a terrorist. Bruce instantly got angry, and was going to have w word with this preacher. He grabbed his car keys and drove down to the church on the corner of Queens Road and Second Avenue. Arriving there, he saw the preacher standing outside in the light rain. When Bruce came up to the church he went inside together with the preacher. How can I help you my friend asked the preacher, Well my name is Bruce Mohammed - - -, that was all he had a chance to say before the preacher spit him in the face and called him a traitor. Bruce took a hold of the old mans head, and twisted it. With a load cracking sound he broke the preachers neck. Later when the police found out who had killed the preacher, a group from the Islamic world wanted to help Bruce. It turned out that they wanted Bruce to kill the president, and only with the help of the devil were things taken care of in an accepted manner.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038396439
    • ISBN:  9781311093646

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