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Without any doubt the name atopic dermatitis is the other name used for Eczema, and as a matter of fact, is the term most often used to describe any inflammation or irritation of the skin, although, it’s important to know that correctly speaking, not every dermatological irritant is eczema! That notwithstanding, it is well established that Eczema is a series of lesions in the skin that are made up of many fluid filled vesicles. The skin becomes red, irritated and swollen, and can be characterized by oozing when the fluid filled vesicles burst! And to be frank with you, it is this fluid, that is, when it dries out on the skin, which then forms a thin layer crust that gives the condition its well-known appearance. I mean that appearance we have all come to call Eczema. However, we cannot ignore some other views that there is most likely a defective genetic reason behind the condition, and even though, this is generally accepted, it has not been proven beyond doubt. In fact, practitioners think that the problem lies within the skin’s inability to repair itself. Well, besides that, there is also a high chance that sufferers will exhibit signs of other immunobiological problems. So, in effect, it can be a life-long condition, but the truth is that, it often occurs in childhood ages two and under with most symptoms, however, disappearing when they are above the age of three. Nevertheless, there are many reported triggers that can bring about an outbreak of Atopic Dermatitis, mostly within the environment of the person concerned, and varying greatly in nature, but centering more on the processes that dry the skin in the first place. Yes, the truth is that having a dry skin can be achieved through different process …these can include using drying soaps, rubbing of the area concerned, rubber glove usage, applying solvents in the skin area and excessive sweating. With that said, we must understand that the process of inflammation begins with the affected area becoming increasingly itchy, raised and red. Besides, as illustrated earlier, the disintegration of the fluid filled vesicles causes an oozing, which when dried forms a crust that can then develop into a cracked surface. Well, you need to beware that dust and pollen can also exacerbate the situation. Though, the symptoms can actually develop anywhere on the body, the most common sites in which the condition can occur are the neck, and around the elbows and knees. Anyway, I want you to get your copy of the book today and access the full details of the tips to prevent the spreads or managing an outbreak of Eczema without suffering the social skin embarrassment that the condition manifest on the scalp, face and the likes! 

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
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    • ISBN:  9781536504972

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