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A Brief Psychotherapy for Personality Disorder introduces Traumatic Separation Theory as a new approach to treatment. It combines traditional with contemporary behavioural, biological, cognitive, and humanist concepts. Traumatic Separation Theory creates a shared paradigm with more intelligibility, which can explain and predict the categories, comorbidity, and coexistent psychopathology of Personality Disorder. It offers hope to all those diagnosed with Personality Disorder, and shows a way forward for therapists and professionals involved in offering treatment and support. Dr Don Ebrahim, a GP for over twenty-five years, and a psychotherapist for the past thirty years, has drawn on his extensive training and considerable clinical experience to arrive at this Brief Psychotherapy for Personality Disorder - a crystallization of new ideas that challenge conventional approaches that have failed in the treatment of Personality disorder and other psychological conditions. Dr Ebrahim has been internationally recognised as a major contributor to the development of a psychological and physiological understanding of traumatic separation, to treat a whole range of conditions, that have their roots in traumatic childhood separations under the age of ten, before logic and reason has been established. Traumatic Separation Theory and its application in therapy, aims to restore equilibrium in all physiologies. This physiological equilibrium equates with feeling a homeostatic calm in the body - an essential for survival. Fear, anger, and rejection are basic emotions that can manifest themselves in maturing separations from childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood. This, in turn, can give rise to psychological distress and associated physiological conditions. Traumatic Separation Theory and its clinical application thus, has an essential part to play in advancing the treatment options available to therapists. In a world of increasing threat, there is an almost frantic preoccupation with promoting health and excellence for all; and innovative ideas currently focus on genetic selection, modification, and other biological interventions. Traumatic Separation Theory has the potential to play a role in parallel and create a more humane society that can understand and offer treatment to the benefit of all.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001037085617
    • ISBN:  9781784557126

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