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Why should Christians learn about Jews and Jewish traditions? Knowing the culture and Customs of the Jews is necessary to understand the Bible. Many passages of Scripture that are hard for the Westerner to understand, are readily explained by a knowledge of the customs and manners of Bible lands. The more we can learn about our Hebraic/Jewish roots, the more blessed we will be in our Christian lives.While Christians view life with a Western mind and worldview, the Bible was written by Abrahams descendants who had an Hebraic culture, language, and worldview. This presents a real problem and challenge. We have a Middle-Eastern book that we seek to understand from the Western culture. Western perspective can easily cause us to misunderstand the Bible. Furthermore, our mind has been more influenced by Greek philosophy than biblical, Hebrew thought. This is why we must study the Hebraic/Jewish roots of Christianity. The Bible is a Hebrew book, telling the story of the Hebrew people. Jesus was a Hebrew Lord. Therefore if the Bible is going to be understood in our day, we must develop Hebrew eyes and Hebrew attitudes toward life.When we read the Bible through Hebrew eyes, our understanding becomes much richer, deeper, and clearer with more detail than we could ever imagine. We gain new and powerful insights and clarity of vision because we are perceiving the Bible through the eyes of the writers. We see truths that we just cannot see with the Western eyes no matter how honorable our motives and intense our desires the secret of the priests. The fact that they alone know how to approach the gods help them to keep their special position in the community. But in Israel, the laws of sacrifice (that is in the Book of Leviticus) are part of the Scriptures that belong to everyone.

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