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From the introduction: It is to be hoped that this book will be God’s instrument in shaking a pomegranate tree over your head. If you get blessed in reading the book as I was blessed in writing the manuscript, there will be some shouting going on. I thank the dear Lord for the book, and everybody else who helped to make it possible. Amen.   The Table of Contents are as follows: Chapter 1 — FULL CORN IN THE EAR Chapter 2 — GATHERING SPRING FLOWERS Chapter 3 — LOVE Chapter 4 — JOY — LOVE EXULTANT Chapter 5 — PEACE — LOVE IN REPOSE Chapter 6 — LONGSUFFERING — LOVE ENDURING Chapter 7 — GOODNESS — LOVE OVERFLOWING Chapter 8 — FAITH — LOVE CONFIDENT Chapter 9 — TEMPERANCE — LOVE IN MASTERY Chapter 10 — MEEKNESS — LOVE IN YIELDING Chapter 11 — GENTLENESS — LOVE IN ACTION Chapter 12 — PURITY AND GROWTH Chapter 13 — CARNALITY MEANS WEEDS Chapter 14 — FEEDS OTHER GARDENS Chapter 15 — THE GARDEN TRANSPLANTED   About the author: The Reverend Clement H. Linn, known as "Hallelujah Jack," gave the credit to God in all things. "I was a newspaperman," he  once recalled, "and I lay down the pen to take up the pulpit. And I was an actor, and I forsook the footlights to preach the Gospel. I came to Wisconsin because I did not want to go to China or Japan or Africa, and I bought an abandoned tobacco field on Highway 13, and asked God to wave a magic wand over it and make it the most beautiful camp meeting grounds in the world. I do not want to brag about myself, but I do want to boast of the Father in Heaven, because He answered my prayer."  Bolstered by prayer, he built up his camp in Oregon so it included a large tabernacle, dormitory, and dining room, a print shop and children's tabernacle, cottages, and other buildings. He put in modern conveniences and landscaped the grounds. "We have planted more than 2,000 trees and shrubs," he once said. "So you see a tobacco field can be converted too." Under his leadership, the meeting place became famously interdenominational. Mr. Linn himself was an ordained minister in the Congregational church, while his wife is a Presbyterian, his mother and father Methodists, and one brother a Baptist. Special preachers, musicians, and singers from different parts of the country were highlighted on at the annual programs. In 1931, Mr. Linn took a seven month missionary journey around the world, visiting 25 countries, in an "independent and interdenominational" trip. Mrs. Linn carried on evangelistic work in this country. "Hallelujah Jack" told a frank story about his conversion. "I was editor of a newspaper in a town down on the Mississippi river in Arkansas, living under an assumed name because of some troubles I had on Broadway in New York when I was on the "It was just like a fellow getting over the tooth-ache. Once he had it and then it was gone. I had a new heart. I was so happy and light inside that I could have walked on eggs and not broken a single one." His getting religion was "simply wonderful," Mr. Linn continued. "The new fangled idea today is to stick up your little finger, sign on the dotted line, join the church over the telephone, send your picture to be baptized and hear the sermons over the radio. That was not my case. I felt the sins of my heart leave, and before I knew it I hollered out loud, 'Hallelujah!' I knew it wasn't cussin'. Honest, I did not want to cuss. 'Hallelujah' means 'Praise the Lord, or Glory to God!' Imagine a fellow like me saying that. I had been playing stud-poker all night just two days before, and now praising the Lord. Bless God, I was saved from a bottomless hell to a topless heaven."

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
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    • ISBN:  1230000372282

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