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From the foreword: Wherever the ministry of Dr. P. F. Bresee is known his fondness for the book of Isaiah is also reported, and the helpfulness of the messages which he brought from this portion of the Book of Books is noised abroad. It was therefore a wonderful service which Rev. C. J. Kinne performed when he, with the consent of Dr. Bresee’s family, prepared the manuscript of twenty of these sermons for the press. It should be remembered that the outlines, notes and fuller discussions found herein were intended only as aids to Dr. Bresee in his own preparation for the pulpit, and that their appearance in book form was never in his mind. This accounts for much otherwise unexplainable brevity and abruptness, and for a certain lack of finish which one would ordinarily expect. But in preparing the copy for the press, Rev. Kinne followed the plan of making originality and personal characteristics his guide, and hence he made as few corrections and alterations as consistency would permit. Therefore we have a book as near like it would have been if Dr. Bresee had prepared it for the press himself as it is possible to obtain, and it will be read with special interest by all who knew this famous preacher and leader in the Church of God in connection with the organization and work of the Church of the Nazarene. And besides this, many who were not permitted to hear the Word as it was spoken by this modern prophet will become somewhat acquainted with him by reading what he said. This book deserves and will obtain a wide circulation and an interested reading. It will serve to instruct and inspire all those who long to be holy in heart and useful in life. It will bless and lift through its seraphic tenor, and yet it will encourage by its practical application of the sublimest truths. The appearance of this book just at this time is exceedingly timely, because its teachings are so positive and its spirit so full of genuine devotion. May the blessings of Him who inspired its great author rest upon the book and its readers!   The Table of Contents are as follows: Sermon 1: THE REDEEMER’S CROSS Sermon 2: THE WORKER’S THREE ERAS Sermon 3: THE PURGING FIRE Sermon 4: THE BAPTISM WITH FIRE Sermon 5: THE GAZE INTO HEAVEN Sermon 6: FIDELITY IS BETTER THAN FRUIT Sermon 7: RIGHTEOUSNESS IN POLITICS Sermon 8: THE PRINCE OF FOUR NAMES Sermon 9: HOLINESS AND CIVIC RIGHTEOUSNESS Sermon 10: THE JOY AND ASSURANCE OF FULL SALVATION Sermon 11: JESUS, THE PEERLESS ONE Sermon 12: THE VERITIES OF SALVATION Sermon 13: JESUS, OUR SHELTERING ROCK Sermon 14: THE DEFENSE OF THE SANCTIFIED Sermon 15: WAR AND VICTORY Sermon 16: THE AGENCY AND INSTRUMENTALITIES OF HOLY VICTORY Sermon 17: THE CONQUERING WORD Sermon 18: THE PERPETUAL SERVANT Sermon 19: THE PASSION THAT ABSORBS Sermon 20: THE TEMPLE OF GOD   About the author: Phineas F. Bresee (1838-1915) was the primary founder of the Church of the Nazarene, and founding president of Point Loma Nazarene University. He was an American- minister, and began his preaching career at the age of 18. He was converted and did his preaching in the Methodist Episcopal Church. This relationship was maintained until 1894, when a disagreement arose over how best to minister to the homeless in Los Angeles. This resulted in the birth of a then non-denominational "Church of the Nazarene" that later grew into a denomination with the same name in 1908.  Bresee maintained his pastorate in Los Angeles, California, until his health forced him to step down in 1911. He was a prolific writer, and also served as editor of the "Nazarene Messenger" for fifteen years. His health continued to deteriorate following a bad car accident in 1900. Bresee passed away in 1915. Without a doubt, his legacy lives on in the Nazarene Church, and in the hearts of any seekers of holiness.

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