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This book is a translation of my Punjabi poetry, excluding few English poems in the beginning. God came into existence first. God worshipped inner source of knowledge (guru) to come into existence. A teacher who teaches English is called English teacher. Teacher who teaches math is called math teacher. Same way, the teacher who teaches spirituality is called guru. Worldly teachers teach from the brain to brain. The guru teaches the soul from soul. Guru is a mentor as well. It is telepathic transformation. Make your own judgment. When God felt lonely, he created the creation. He started caring for it. Doing so, he got attached to it and fell in love. God set love as prerequisite to realize him. The Creation is a testament to it. Mind is a thought-processing system. Spirituality is a study of the mind. Divinity is a state of mind. Spirituality is a rehearsal of the mind to miss God, and it straightens following guru’s teaching. Sometimes it helps to follow the teachings of prophets or saints. But they have died long ago. So it has very little effect because the spirituality is learned telepathically from mind to mind from a living guru. The mind does not tune to spirituality without the guru’s blessing. It can only be learnt by self-surrendering. It cannot be forced into the devotee’s mind. It can be learned from a spiritual teacher through love, humility, and dedication. God is great. Everything created by God is also great. So everything in the world is flawless and beautiful. To stay abreast with Creation; God assimilated himself in everything. That is why God is called omnipresent. God created his creations, including human beings. God abides in everything. So God has mother’s love and motherly relation with his subjects. The subjects also have motherly relation with God. God wants us to realize him, and we also want to merge with him to end separation. I do not know much about other species, but man has instinct to go back and merge with the entity he separated from. So it is a mother-child relationship. There are many types of faiths, procedures, and processes people use to find a way to go back to him. We assume that God is one. Therefore, the final process to realize him also must be one only. Finally, all processes merge and end up in one—that is, to learn from a learned master, the guru. The world is a terrifying world ocean. The being is on one side of it and godliness or to merge with God is on the other side of the ocean. Guru’s teaching is the process to take the being across the terrifying world ocean. It is a lot easier to learn from a teacher than your own. I was fortunate to meet my guru and become his devotee and follow his teaching and advice. At the same time, I started to read and contemplate the Sikh religious scripture, Siree Guru Granth Sahib. It is a spiritual book only. It has no stories that a person has to learn from. Writing in SGGS is by living saints, and it emphasizes that guru is God. One will have to console with guru to console with God. Other important criteria to realize God is selfless love, humility, and dedication mentioned in SGGS. Most harmful events from becoming divine are duality and slander. I learned from my guru and from reading SGGS. I decided my path, and I follow it under my guru’s guidance and following the teachings of SGGS. Both have same message and advice. God is the highest power in the universe. In order to miss him, recitation and repetition are necessary. So there is lot of repetition about praising God in this book. To understand this book, the reader has to tune his mind to soul searching. Some people follow other systems. I have no opinion or knowledge about it. It is a lifelong process. Life is too short to learn on your own. He who puts his feet on two boats does not cross the water doing so. As they say, a guest at many homes at the same time remains hungry. It is my humble request to follow one path, whatever pleases you.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
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