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ECHO: Awakening, the first book in the story of Echo, is a full length novella of 40,400 words.Echo, a beautiful twenty one year old woman, is the sole survivor of an alien invasion that wiped out the isolated planetary mining community in which she had grown up. Her world destroyed when she was just seventeen, she survives alone in the ruins of her town for three years, until suddenly the aliens return to set up a research base in the old mine complex. For another year, she hides in a prospectors cabin high in the forested mountains surrounding the old mine, her sole objective being to keep her head down and stay alive until a rescue ship from Earth can arrive.Four years after the initial attack a ship arrives, and is immediately captured by the aliens. When Ben, a young crew member, escapes from the base, he stumbles into Echos mountain hiding place. Echo finds herself immediately drawn to him. All she hopes for is that he will find a way to rescue her, but Ben has an agenda of his own. He wants to rescue his fellow prisoners, and steal the research from the base. Moreover, he needs Echos help to do it, but her determination to keep her head down makes her reluctant to agree.As Ben proceeds with his plans regardless, the situation goes from bad to worse. When Ben is captured again, Echo realizes that she is faced with a choice—to keep on as she has been, hiding in a world which is no longer safe for her, or to take her chances and try to rescue the man with whom she has fallen in love. Neither path will be easy, and either path could lead to disaster.

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