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This Book Covers The Following Topics:What are “Interrogative Sentences”?Structure (1) -- Wh-Question Word + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1A). What + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1B). When + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1C). Where + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1D). Which + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1E). Who + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1F). Whom + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1G). Whose + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1H). Why + Be/Do/Have/Modal(1I). How + Be/Do/Have/ModalStructure (2) -- Wh-Question Word + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2A). What + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2B). When + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2C). Where + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2D). Which + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2E). Who + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2F). Whom + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2G). Whose + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2H). Why + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/Modal(2I). How + Word/Words + Be/Do/Have/ModalStructure (3) -- Wh-Question Word + Main Verb (Present or Past)Structure (4) – Interrogatives Sentences – Be/Do/Have/Modal(4A). Interrogatives Starting From – Am, Is, Are, Was, Were(4B). Interrogatives Starting From – Do, Does, Did(4C). Interrogatives Starting From – Have, Has, Had(4D). Interrogatives Starting From – Modal VerbsStructure (5) -- Question TagsStructure (6) -- What ifStructure (7) – How Long/How Much/How ManyStructure (8) -- Wh-Question Word + To + Verb WordStructure (9) – “What About” and “How About”Sample This:What are “Interrogative Sentences”?Interrogative sentences are used to ask questions. An interrogative sentence ends with a question mark.Most common interrogative words are as follows:What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whom, Whose, Why, HowInterrogative words and what they show:What – shows ‘particular information’When – shows ‘at what time’ or ‘on what occasion’Where – shows ‘in what place or situation’Which – shows ‘choice’Who – shows ‘identity’Whom – shows “‘who’ as the object of a verb or preposition”Whose – shows ‘who something belongs to’Why – shows ‘reason or purpose’How – shows ‘way or manner’These words are called Wh-question words because all these words contain letter ‘w’ and ‘h’. All these words (except ‘how’) even start from ‘Wh’.NOTE: The following words are also used to ask questions:Whatever, Whenever, Wherever, WhoeverThese forms show ‘surprise, confusion, or emphasis’Besides ‘Wh-question words’, Verb ‘Be’, Verb ‘Do’, Verb ‘Have’, and ‘Modal Verbs’ are also used for making interrogative sentences. Following is the list of these verbs:Verb Be-- Am, Is, Are, Was, WereVerb Do-- Do, Does, DidVerb Have-- Have, Has, HadModal Verbs-- May, Might, Can, Could, Will, Would, Shall, Should, Must, Need, Used (To), Ought (To), DareYou can start sentences with these verbs to make interrogative sentences.Following are popular structures for making interrogative sentences(1A). What + Be/Do/Have/ModalWhat is a good pet to give a five-year-old child?What is a long way away?What is a reasonable grocery budget?What is age got to do with it?What is all that?What is Australias national food?What is behind nations food shortages?What is better for your company: happy staff or short-term profits?What is Brazil to you?What is going on in India?What is going to take place over the next 90 minutes?What is in the haze we are breathing?What is it about the first day of the year that gets us so excited?What is it and does it work?What is it like to be sectioned?What is it like to fly an Airbus A380?What is it like to have won an unlimited supply of something?What is it like to live in a hut?What is it that makes Compaq so trusted?What is it to be politico-ethical?What is Japan ready to do?What is leading to rising incidents of building collapses in the region?What is most important in your life?What is most likely to please you?What is okay to eat and how much is too much?What is President up to after breaking away from alliance?What is rate of exchange against the pounds?What is right for our students?

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