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I was a victim to sexual abuse and have been bullied at an earlier age, these traumatic experiences caused me to do inappropriate things to others and allowing others to do inappropriate things to me. I thought I have moved on by burying my past and my pain, I did not realized that I was feeling resentful, regretful, guilty and ashamed of myself. I used to feel like I was full of sin, I felt like God was disappointed in me and that later on I would eventually go to hell. But how does a person get out of pain and suffering? Do we ever truly heal and let go to experience self-liberation? Buddhism and psychology helped me find my true unhurt self again. God woke up inside of me and told me that it was time for me to go on a spiritual journey, this consist of going in then coming out. There are many ways to enlightenment; I used the chakra system to look inside of my soul for answers. I began to see my shadows, and how my buried pain leaked out from my attitude towards myself and others. I also began to see that my thoughts were coming from anger, I was not aware of this until I asked myself who am I? I began to see how negative emotions such as guilt, regrets, resentments, shame and grief were the source of what I was attracting into my life, such as arguments, people, places, things and situations. How I was feeling about myself in my subconscious mind was creating my reality. So I then asked myself, who is the cause of my life experiences, who is the enemy? It must be me not others. After years of inner work and healing, I relieved myself by letting go of my grievances. This put me back into my heart space, which caused me to become light hearted and united within. Letting go of shame enabled me to have new experiences, for example I stopped attracting bullies because I stopped being a push over due to shame. I let go of guilt so I could stop being a victim and quit people pleasing. The more I let go by forgiving myself and others then less friction I had with others, because my heart was no linger wounded. My books are a collection of Archangel Michael’s wisdom that was channeled through me. The third eye chakra resonates with Archangel Michael indigo rays. I opened up my spiritual eye and carefully analyzed my thoughts, my emotions and my chakras. My chakra experience was a direct gateway to the subconscious and my aura, my spiritual journey going inwards. Archangel Michael spoke to me while giving me courage and self-confidence to decode his many messages that he wanted me to use to love myself unconditionally and share my writings to the world. I became aware of higher consciousness. After my kundalini awakening, I realized that higher consciousness wanted to become aware of itself again. Consciousness into a human living body. I am doing my best to explain what it is like to move from my higher self and my core beliefs that keeps me feeling aware, safe and at peace. Where does God fit in when it comes to my psyche and my mental health? I wanted to challenge my arrogance, this was done by challenging my personal beliefs. I was always fascinated by the saying mind over matter. When I had this sudden urge to dig deeper into my being, I was curious about finding my truth, not everyone else's. Long story short it was about having faith to dive deep into the unknown, my chakras and my subconscious.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001047411161
    • ISBN:  9783739657714

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