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Cormac and Lizzie have spent a long and happy life together as burglars, never stealing anything too expensive or from a house too near their own. "Not too near and not too dear" was their motto but they break their own rules when Cormac falls in love with an expensive silver tea-set belonging to a neighbour. They steal it at midnight when the owner is asleep and have no idea that they were seen by John the Pots, a man of the roads, who was making a bed for himself in the garden shed. Lizzie insists they bury the silver in the garden that same night even though a storm is raging all around them. And just when theyre finished the job a tree is hit by lightening; it falls on them and they die immediately. Their ghosts fly up to heaven but St Peter wont let them in until the tea-set is returned to its rightful owner. What are they to do? Being ghosts, they cannot dig it up themselves. Fortunately, Cormacs cousins, Dermot and Imelda inherit the house and they move in with their twins, Dora and David, and baby Rosie. Can the ghosts make friends with the children and ask them to dig up the silver tea-set? And what about John the Pots who wants the tea-set for himself so he can claim a reward. He reports them to the police who arrive and have a look around the house full of stolen goods but they dont find the silver tea-set and Cormac and Lizzie frighten them away. The ghosts soon discover that they can pass through walls and move anywhere at ease but they create freezing draughts wherever they go, and when they approach the twins Dora is frightened and tells their parents. Dermot promises to get in an exorcist. Cormac and Lizzie are appalled and fly away during the night. They meet an old ghost, Jamesy, who makes friends with them, but when daylight comes they are drawn back to their own house even though they try to stay where they are. The exorcist comes and the ghosts are left ill and exhausted under a bush in the garden; they are almost extinguished when Jamesy finds them and helps them to get their strength back. Dora is sorry now that she told her parents and when the ghosts speak to her and David again they promise to help. They dig up the tea-set but decide to leave it where it is until the morning when they can tell their father who will know what to do next. But John the Pots is hiding in the garden watching everything. When the twins go to bed he takes the silver and makes off with it. In the morning David and Dora cycle all around the countryside looking for him but they cant find a trace of him anywhere. Cormac and Lizzie tell Jamesy the bad news but he tells them not to worry, he has a plan. The next night is Halloween and ghosts from all over the country are assembling on Spooks hill. Will Jamesy manage to talk the other ghosts into helping his new friends get to heaven? David and Dora get out of the house when Dermot and Imelda are asleep and they go with Cormac and Lizzie to the hill. John the Pots is in for a nasty surprise . . . and Dermot and Imelda have a shocking night . .

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001036616492
    • ISBN:  9781370057160

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