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Per her friend Sams request Sarah puts together this excellent guide book on how to get her to have sex with an autistic man. Sarahs guide book can be used to help autistic men learn directly from a womans perspective how to get her into bed. Sarah tells all the secrets of what women really want from a man in this book. Sarah teaches autistic men how to get with a woman and make her feel happy and safe.Many times men with autism come on too strong and are told they are too nice. Sarah explains why that is and teaches guys with autism how to be who they are without coming on too strong and scaring the woman away. Sarah provides great tips and discusses important topics that are often misunderstood by men. One of those topics is the friend zone. Sarah says that the friend zone does not exist and she explains that she would never date or sleep with anyone that she was not friends with first.Sarah gives away the secrets to sex with her and other women, She teaches autistic men that women like foreplay way better than they like intercourse. Sarah talks autistic men through the process of meeting a woman until getting her into the bedroom. She gives guys with autism step by step tools and strategies to become friends with a woman and eventually get her into bed.This is a great tool for men that have had bad advice in the past and are seeking to hear the truth about how to get with a woman. Sarah wrote this book at her friend Sams request. Sam has autism and has been friends with Sarah for two years. They just recently started sleeping together after nearly two years of friendship. Sarah tells all guys with autism that friendship first is the way to go. Being friends first creates for a better sex life in the friendship. Be sure to get your copy of this book today and start learning how to make friends with woman and eventually have sex with them. Here is an excerpt from the book."That is why bringing a dozen roses on the first date is a bad idea. This is something I have worked on with my friend Sam who I wrote this book for. When you bring me a dozen roses on the first date that sets off alarms in my brain. They are telling me “What does he want from me for getting me these flowers?” We assume that you have some kind of hidden agenda to get in our pants and that is the only reason you are giving us flowers.We base this opinion off of previous experiences with other men so if you are a true gentleman and do not expect anything in return for giving me a dozen roses on the first date then you are likely going to get rejected because of what other men have done to me in the past.If you really want to understand a woman then listen to what we say and repeat it back to us. If you can connect with us well as a friend then there is a better chance that we will end up giving you a chance to sleep with us. If you cannot listen to us and give us feedback on what we tell you then we know that there is no possible way that we could ever have a strong enough emotional connection to ever have sex with you."

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001012095426
    • ISBN:  9781311281630

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