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The struggle between God and man, magic and indefinable evil is without recourse.Roedanth wants his brother back. He had sold his soul on a desperate promise to the Dark God. There can be no going back.Kitty is caught and the Halls demands judgement. Prize or pawn, her life hangs in the balance.Poor Pellimac, lost and alone or is she? Has she finally come home?Ro’Breare, the hateful mage and the rhino, Boallag strike a deal. The Murrdock wants a throne and the traitorous mage wants revenge. How could it get any better?Kahlu fancies himself the High Councilor. Fool he may be, plotting and weaving a quilt of blind treachery.Sometimes the most unlikely strangers become friends. Prince Pec and Guventher petition the magi for help, for Ro’Breare runs with Specks and King of Murrdocks lies dangerously ill.Everyone strives to make do in a world bubbling with wild magic, as the lives man and monster hang in the balance, subject to the whims of Gods.

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