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This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. This paper analyzes the political and military effectiveness of the Rhode Island militia during the Revolutionary War. Through careful study of the roots of Rhode Island and its militia forces, it is possible to understand the various functions performed by these forces in Rhode Islands struggle for independence. Revisionist historians assert that the war was not so much won by America as it was not lost. The militia played a significant part in sustaining the war until England finally withdrew from the conflict. The functions performed by the militia include providing internal control; a source of short-, term local defense; intelligence gathering; raiding and harassing the enemy forces; and providing a source of manpower for the Continental Army. How well these functions were performed vary, but their effectiveness in prolonging the war were critical to America not losing the conflict. Rhode Islands forces were divided into two major categories--those for the defense of the united colonies and those for the states defense. The state "citizen soldier" forces were furthered divided into three minor categories. These were the militia, independently chartered companies, and alarm companies. All three are studied in this paper since all three performed the same functions for the state. On three separate occasions, military and civilian leaders attempted to use the militia in large-scale operations. Each of these three attempts ended in disaster, not through the fault of the militia, but from the misunderstanding of the militias weaknesses and strengths as a military force. This paper details these strengths and weaknesses in order to prevent modern-day leaders from making these same mistakes.CHAPTER I - INTRODUCTION * Setting the Stage * Why Study the Militia? * Why Rhode Island? * Why Now? * CHAPTER II - RHODE ISLAND: A BRIEF HISTORY * The Beginnings of a Colony * The First Settlements * CHAPTER III - THE MILITIA SYSTEM: EUROPEAN ROOTS * The Beginnings of the Militia * Elizabethan Militia System * CHAPTER IV - THE POLITICAL ASPECTS OF THE RHODE ISLAND MILITIA * The Early Years * The First Defense Forces: Portsmouth and Newport * The Settlements Unite For Defense: 1647 * After the Charter of 1663 * Laws 1770 to 1773 * CHAPTER V - THE MILITARY ASPECTS OF THE RHODE ISLAND MILITIA * The Indian Threat, 1636-1700 * The Colonial Wars, 1700-1763 * The Interwar Years, 1764-1773 * The Gaspee * CHAPTER VI - PREPARING FOR WAR: 1774 * Inflaming Passions * Summer: The Military Responds * Fall: The Colony Arms * Winter: Legislative Action Abounds * CHAPTER VII - BLOOD REPLACES RHETORIC: 1775 * The Calm Before the Storm * The Storm: April 1775 * Summer and the Militia Mobilizes * Fall (of Tories) and Winter of Transition * CHAPTER VIII - THE FIGHT FOR INDEPENDENCE: 1776 * January to April 1776: Maintaining Vigilance * Summer 1776: Independence * Winter and the Siege of Rhode Island * CHAPTER IX - THE WAR DRAGS ON: 1777 * The British Amongst Us * The Capture of Major General Prescott * October and Another Failed Attack * CHAPTER X - THE BATTLE OF RHODE ISLAND: 1778 * The New Alliance: France Joins the War * The Battle of Rhode Island Begins * Another Failed Expedition * CHAPTER XI - THE WAR MOVES SOUTH * The British Leave: 1779 * The War Winds Down in Rhode Island: 1780-1783 * CHAPTER XII - CONCLUSIONS * Effectiveness of the Rhode Island Militia * Shortcomings of the Rhode Island Militia

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