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“Are you ready to step up and see what lies behind the curtain?”“Can you ever be prepared for a view of immortality?”“Imagine a world where you can make nearly every fantasy come true. How would you like to walk on the moon, take the leading role in your favourite movie, or maybe you would like to dance beside the world’s biggest music stars in a classic video? Perhaps you have a story of your own that you wish to bring to life; well this is the place to be, and we at the Hologram Dreams Corporation can do just that for you.Our groundbreaking reproduction will completely immerse you in a fantasy world. Gone are the days of android technology as a means of production. Today nearly everything produced will now be a holographic image. Not only that, the characters will now respond to your every move or command, you will even be able to reach out and touch them. This is all made possible thanks to our exciting innovation, the image density profiler!Sign up today and make all your dreams come true!What are you waiting for?(Advertisement copyright: Hologram Dreams Corporation. MMLXIV )The year is 2064, and the rapid advancement of robotic technology has changed society so completely that it dominates everyday life. Using the latest science fiction invention, factories, warehouse and construction sites around the world now consist mainly of a robotic workforce with human employment in the minority. Inside the home, self-aware androids are commonplace, performing the majority of menial tasks.Quick to capitalise on all of this newfound leisure time, the film and gaming industry now dominates the business sector. The companies that a few years ago were on the verge of bankruptcy have risen like a phoenix, utilising their technological expertise and the plethora of studios and equipment to create a myriad of entertainment options to satisfy everyone.Because of this, the lives of three different groups of people could not be going any better. They are all happy, successful and currently have all they want in life, but soon all of this will change.The first is a group of students who are celebrating their graduation with the holiday of a lifetime. The second, a sheriff and his two deputies who hail from America’s southern states, enjoy a fantasy day out. Third is Edward ‘Ted’ Langton, second in command at the biggest and most powerful company on Earth.Their lives could not be any different or further apart, until a bizarre coincidence connects all three groups, dragging them into a world of kidnap, slavery, and murder.As the story unfolds, the need to fulfil man’s darkest desires put millions of lives at risk in order to protect the hidden, seedy underbelly of this futuristic world.“Do you really want to know what comes next?”“Are you really sure?”

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