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Do you love science fiction? Because if you do, Hologram Dreams will keep you enthralled as it exposes the nightmare hidden beneath a robotic near-future world.The year is 2064, and rapid advancement in robotics has changed society so completely that it dominates everyday life. Utilising the latest technology, factories, warehouse and construction sites around the world now consist mainly of a robotic workforce with human employment in the minority. Inside the home, self-aware androids are commonplace, performing the majority of menial tasks. Because of this, the lives of three separate groups of people could not be going any better. They are all happy, successful and currently have all they want in life, but soon all of this will change.The first are a close knit clique of English student friends who all attended the same university and are now celebrating their graduation with the holiday of a lifetime.Second are a sheriff and his two deputies. They all grew up and live in Holtsville, a small backwater town in a southern American state.Third is Edward “Ted” Langton, an extremely successful master of his craft, he is creative director of the biggest and most powerful company on Earth.Unwittingly betrayed by the utopian dream, their lives are changed forever as one by one they all become embroiled in a world of kidnap, slavery, and even murder. To fulfil man’s darkest desires, the controller this evil is prepared to go to any lengths, even to sacrifice millions of lives in order to protect the hidden, seedy underbelly of this futuristic world.Welcome to the Hologram Dreams Corporation.“Imagine a world where you can make nearly every fantasy come true. Would you like to walk on the moon, take the leading role in your favourite movie, or maybe you would like to dance beside the world’s biggest music stars in a classic video? Perhaps you have a story of your own that you wish to bring to life; well this is the place to be, and we can do just that for you.”Sign up today and make all your dreams come true!

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