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This is the piece of the puzzle 99% of men are missing. It has nothing to do with money, education, background, looks, social status, or race. If you do not know how attraction really works between a man and a woman, you’re working too hard and wasting your time doing what is ineffective and doesn’t work.How Attracting Women Really Works Gives You A Serious Advantage Over Other Guys. You’ll Learn:-The REAL way attraction works, why, and how you can use it to multiply your dating success with the women you actually want-The BIG differences between the way you think and the way she thinks-Which parts of her brain are ACTUALLY DIFFERENT and how it affects her behavior and reactions-Why trying to make her “like” you won’t get her to want you as more than a friend-How and why she can be wildly attracted to you even if she doesn’t “like” you-What “logical” behaviors kill attraction instead of create it-The ONE POWERFUL THING that is more important than money, looks, penis size, age, social status, education, or any trick, tactic, or technique and how not -being able to do this will ruin your long term chances with her-Why NO WOMAN is ever out of your league-What really controls her actions, thoughts, and decides FOR HER if she’s attracted to you or not-The reasons she CAN’T TURN IT OFF when she’s feeling attraction for you-How she will willingly give you her power to turn you down and you can use it to make her feel attraction so strong that NO ONE BUT YOU can stop it-Why she WANTS you to keep this power and not give it back to her-The reason she always says she wants a “nice” and “sweet” guy but she winds up with jerks, assholes, and bad boys-How to make her feel DEEP EMOTIONS and constantly think about you

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033499395
    • ISBN:  9781370473410

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