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Travis shares his new fears with Indianas new law allowing businesses to discriminate against people who are gay. Travis is afraid the new law paves the way for the state of Indiana to discriminate against people with autism. Travis has tried hard to be an advocate for social skills coaching for people with autism only to be ignored by the state of Indiana. Travis fears for his life with the law.Having autism I am constantly made fun of for being different. I am very much aware that society does not want me to be here because I am different and have autism but I have never worried more about it before.Recently the state of Indiana passed a law allowing business to discriminate against people who are gay or like members of the opposite sex. The state of Indiana says that it is okay for people to discriminate against people who are different than they are and made it legal for businesses to deny services to people based upon their sexual orientation.This has me worried that businesses may be able to deny me services because I have a disability or because I am autistic. I worry that business may be able to somehow find out that I am autistic and then deny me a service because I am autistic and have schizophrenia. Can I be kicked out of a public building because I have autism? Could this really happen?I feel that this new law in the state of Indiana is making it possible for me to be discriminated against because of my disability and I do not want to be hurt anymore. I am so tired of being hurt because I have autism and am different than other people that I cry myself to sleep sometimes. I wish there was more help available to me but the state of Indiana says that social skills coaching or help for people with autism is not medically necessary.I have felt since being diagnosed with autism in the fall of 2007 that the state of Indiana did not like autistic people and now I am becoming more aware of how the state treats people within the state of Indiana who appear to be different than what the norm is in our society. I personally have only been asked to leave a business two times because of being autistic and it really hurt me and made me feel bad about myself that people were able to ask me to leave somewhere because I was autistic but I have tried to stay positive and ignore those thoughts and request of other people. I have tried hard not to take it personally and I have tried so hard to take the steps necessary to be able to get help for my autism so I was not different than other people so that I could be accepted and welcome in all public places like normal people are.Travis shares his concerns and wonders if he is still welcome to live in the state of Indiana because he has autism in this book.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000879689229
    • ISBN:  9781311234650

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