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Note: The release date of Inevitable is subject to change."How long have you been loving me?""Constantly and consistently since I was four years old."JordanHope Carter had always put too much faith in me – in the man she thought I would become – the man I never became.I needed to let her go. Id known it seven years ago when I left Thirteen Street, and I knew it now.I knew what I was, deep down inside, and it wasnt good.My body was tainted, and as for my soul?My soul – if I even had one – was black, empty, and fucking poisoned beyond redemption."Why don’t you remember?" she screamed. "Why?""I remember," I choked out. "I remember everything. Thats the fucking problem."What could I offer Hope Carter?Lies and rejection.Disappointment and pain.A half-life where I couldn’t bear to be touched, much less fucked.It killed me, knowing that she was in pain because of my actions, but it had to be this way.Because the alternative was telling Hope the truth.And the truth made me want to kill myself.Inevitable is the next book in the Carter Kids Series. Due to its sexually explicit content, scenes of abuse, violence and moderate bad language, Inevitable is recommended for mature readers of eighteen years old and above.

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