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There’s nothing more dangerous than a witch living in Puritan New England.While 16-year-old Ingrid Blackburn does everything she can to keep her head down and avoid attention, her best friend, Thankful Black has a nasty habit of speaking her mind. But Thankful doesn’t know why Ingrid lives in constant fear. She can’t possibly know her secret…When Ingrid learns Salem is hunting witches, she fears it is only a matter of time before Wicksberg, Massachusetts joins the chase. Two widows are missing from town—no one has seen them in weeks…and then there is the small strange box Thankful discovers: magic.What would Thankful think if she knew the truth about what she has discovered? And what would happen to Ingrid if Wicksberg ever discovered her secret? Ingrid has only one option: she has to steal the box from Thankful. But her theft will come at a price, and will Ingrid be prepared to pay it? Start reading INGRID’S GUILT today and find out.

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