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Welcome to Maxs world. Or, more appropriately, his "worlds". Hes a lycan. Hes also a mage. Oh, and his father is the most bad-ass of all the archangels - he just doesnt know any of it yet. But when he finds out, his life is turned even more upside-down than it already is, having stolen the pinnacle of his planets technology for his own purposes. Add a super-hot (and ultra-violent) lycan girl of South American descent, time travel, a god-like grandfather with a penchant for herb, and some particularly nasty (and rotting) vampires and you are sitting right in the middle of chaos. Maxs chaos."Lives of Future-Past" is the first installment in the Max Gunnarsson series, a sci-fi/fantasy universe created by author SK Benton. With elements of science, magic, supernatural beings and time travel, this all-new combined take on familiar subjects appeals to fantasy fans, gamers, manga-heads, sci-fi freaks and lovers of everything lycan (were not so sure about vampire lovers, because vamps are really nasty, horrible smelly creatures in this universe). And yes, theres also a ton of romance.The people of Maxs home world are a combination of Americans, Australians, Swiss, Peruvians, Chileans and Argentinians, with Max being of Argentine extraction, and known as a "dego". The English language has been peppered with Spanish and German words, and on purpose by the author, as he is fluent in both English and Spanish (and speaks some German). He also has homes in both North and South America, and has traveled extensively throughout the world (all descriptions of Lima, Peru and in Machu Picchu come from his personal experiences there). Components of online video games, such as a standard levels meter (strength, health, stamina) is part of a lycans peripheral vision, and Max is limited by a skills timeout much like one encounters in any magic-based MMORPG. This adds a vulnerability to the protagonist and balances out his awesome, developing powers.The series also provides a unique lexicon, utilizing not only the aforementioned Spanish and German languages, but also substantial amounts of Latin, mostly used in performing magical spells, called "cantuses". Everything has a purpose in Maxs world(s), and the author is quite detailed in the construction of this all-new universe.Magic as a concept is handled in a completely different way than ever before, and finally a rational explanation is provided, detailing to the reader not only what magic really is, but why it disappeared in the 6th century CE and faded off into legend (which was followed by the dark ages and the black plague).Book #2, Lives of Lost Angels, is also available here.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033746406
    • ISBN:  9781310763670

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