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    'The Book of the Dead' is a compilation of spells that the ancient Egyptians believed would assist them in the afterlife as they made their perilous journey towards the realm of the gods and the ultimate state of eternity. The spells are often accompanied by vignettes, which show the imagined landscape of the Netherworld, the gods and demons whom the deceased will meet, and the critical weighing of the heart the judgement that will determine whether the traveller will be admitted into the afterlife or condemned to destruction by the monstrous Devourer. This book affords a greater understanding of ancient Egyptian belief systems and reveals the hopes and fears of mortal man about the world beyond death. The whole is illustrated with photographs of these papyri and an array of contextual funerary objects painted coffins, gilded masks, amulets, jewellery, tomb figurines and mummy trappings.

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