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When it’s time to take a break from stress, this little book provides big-time relief. 'A moment to relax' is a user-friendly introduction to basic techniques for keeping cool at home or at the office - and it comes with a mini-CD that’s sure to restore peace instantly. For years, authors Joel and Michelle Levey have been teaching executives and others in stressful situations how to manage anxiety and enjoy a relaxed state of mind today, instead of waiting for their next vacation. Here they’ve collected the core elements of their program into one very palatable package, featuring color illustrations to inspire peace of mind and a complementary three-inch mini-CD that includes 18 minutes of guided relaxation exercises. In the book, the authors introduce a variety of methods and exercises, providing a repertoire of relaxation tools that can be used for a lifetime. Chapters cover the powerful role of focused breathing, exercises for releasing muscle tension, the effective use of affirmations, ways to cultivate mindfulness, and other strategies gleaned from a variety of traditions.

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