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Zack has fantasies about his mom. He watches mother-son porn all the time, and envisions his mother and him acting them out. One afternoon, his father tells him he found a mother-son video in the DVD player in his den. The thing is, it wasn't his! It wasn't Dad's movie, which left one person, Mom! Zack barely listens to his dad lecture him. All he's thinking about is...Mom has fantasies, too! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~“You watch mom son-porn that much?” This time there was definitely a gleam in her eye and the corners of her lips were twitching with a smile that seemed to really want to be there. “Yeah.” Zach nodded, “Do you or was that just something you picked up for some reason?”“Wow, talk about a twilight zone conversation.” Mom laughed, then added, “Or the plot to a Loving mothers movie.” She winked at him and now the smile was there in full forceHoly shit! Zach’s heart raced, was she hinting at something? Teasing? Or was she trying to lead him into something? She looked pretty interested in the conversation, and he was more than interested at the moment.“Kind of.” He rolled his eyes, “Some of the other sites don’t even have this much plot.”“Like nasty moms?” She scrunched her face up, “They’re all just stroky sex fests, no build up at all.” She tapped her fingers on his arm, “But there’s something to be said for those too sometimes.”“This is getting weird.” He wasn’t lying, simply leaving out he was enjoying the weird.“It is.” She nodded, “And I spent all day wondering if I should talk to you. In the need I figure I had to, you knew that wasn’t yours. I am sorry you heard it from dad, but you get why I couldn’t admit it.”“I suppose, but I just did.”“You’re the son.” Mom sighed, “Kids can get their wires crossed, but as a parent? I’m supposed to be responsible, it looks worse for a mom or dad to have those fantasies.”“You have fantasies?” He blurted out, “About me or sons in general, you know, like dad asked me?”Mom’s eyes met his and he forced himself not to look away from her. He’d been able to get the ball in her court, make her decide what all this meant, if it meant anything other than shared taste in porn. “The movies turn me on or I wouldn’t watch them.”

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