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With this second book of the intriguing and frankly erotic Moontusk Chronicles, the epic journey of the two young men, Dare and Hosis, continues. The mysterious Lady Dee acts as their sponsor as they travel south along the mighty Nasapan River. Various misadventures along the way complicate the three-way relationship. One startling development is the return of Dares companion, the chameleon cat Maumet, whod mysteriously disappeared in the first book. As the passion between the young men heats up, the three reach the southern delta and sail to Dreamwake Island in the South Seas. The lady soon informs the young lovers that an army of women from the East has overthrown the patriarchal Kemnoan Empire that ruled the world. Hosis fears he cannot prevent Dare from seeking out the fabled Dream Orchid. The flower is said to either enlighten or kill with its potent fragrance...Praise for Book One: Rendezvous in a Ruined City“So five stars for this book…it’s a wonderful story thoughtfully written with elegant prose by a talented author. The intimate scenes reflect the passions and emotions of young men coming into their own. The challenges the young men face are well-developed and formidable. The future they face seems adventurous and wonderful. If you like reading novels in a series, this is a good place to start.”—Martin Brant, author of Five Married Men and Copperas Cove

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