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Jack Hammer is given one wish and the chance to live his life again in exchange for his soul. His wish ... unlimited wishes! Satan hates being outwitted and is hellbent on Jack’s destruction before he grows up and discovers the awesome powers he has. At an extremely early age unbelievable wishes come true in spite of the stranger who repeatedly tries to kill him.In 1964, when Jack is twelve, he discovers the wishes and lives his wildest dreams. He becomes the world’s most successful megastar as the lead singer in a band called Jackplug. They are the best-selling act in history. If that wasn’t enough, Jack has television channels, radio stations and a film company on Mars.The hormones kick in and he makes new, exciting and erotic discoveries. He travels forwards and backwards in time and space with the woman he loves, who also has had wishes since she was very young. Things go drastically wrong and aliens track him back to Earth. His survival and that of mankind hangs in the balance.This is a story about an incredibly talented young man and his supergroup called Jackplug. In spite of his dysfunctional family, he rises to world domination in just a few years. He meets a troublesome girl who also has wishes. This book is about mass murder, kidnapping, extortion, kinky sex and a transgender named Julie. It’s an exciting and humorous, fun-filled ride. Yes, it gets raunchy in places, but it’s a great escape from reality.

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