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History tells of an age when the world knew true calm. It was ruled by a good True King Ellor, and dragons filled the skies with all their colourful wonder. But darkness blossomed and flourished. An evil wizard known as Auk Tria Yus spread potions and spells that turned friend against friend. The fiend crafted three magical blades and brought on the world’s first Darkening that burned the skies and spawned legions of dark wizard armies that preyed on the innocent. And Grio.dyness rose to power with his barbarian clan known as the Wolf. His barbarians met True King Ellor’s armies on the wasteland around what would later be his castle stronghold. They waged one final bloody battle, and he slew True King Ellor and took the throne to begin his equally dark rule. There are other legends of those times: a man who could summon gold and built a city of wealth. There’s the tale of the fall of Sheava, a town and castle that equalled the True King’s castle. These are the tales of those times.

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