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Immortality sounds like the ultimate dream. But what if it has a dark side. What if the ultimate dream becomes a never-ending nightmare?What if eternal youth comes with a bloody price tag?Known only as subject 336, her unbelievable strength, healing capabilities and apparent immortality were the envy of everyone around her. Everyone wanted a piece of her. Some recognised more sinister applications for her capabilities: Immortal soldiers win wars. She was abducted and brought to a laboratory where they tried to reproduce her talents.But it didn’t happen that way.After years of abuse the extent of her talents manifested itself in an all out massacre, allowing her to escape.Set in the sweltering heat of the former United Mexican States, her journey leads her through the jungles of Middle America into the Amazon region of Columbia.Against the backdrop of global war, she fights her own gruelling battle to find out and come to terms with what she is becoming: a monster, a killer or maybe even worse: evil incarnated.Immortality comes at a price. A big price: her sanity.

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