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Everything has a beginning, and beginnings are usually difficult things. Messy. Changeable. Confusing. As we add new people and fill this hall, you who sit here this day will be different from all those who come after you. Five, ten, or fifty years from now, you who sit here today be able to tell a wide-eyed newcomer, ‘I was there at the beginning!’Wonderful and magical things are in our future, but so are challenges as we face the lust of greedy and envious men. We have magic and power, and the world wants what we have. But tomorrow’s troubles we will deal with tomorrow. Tonight we will have a joyous wedding for two of our children, and then we will have a wonderful feast to celebrate Bethany’s birthday. Everything has a proper time and season. We have endured our time of decision and sorrow and sending away. Tonight is a time to wed and love and to celebrate life. But here and now the time has come for blood, and death, and sacrifice. So mote it be.Sacrifice is the third book of the Believing Magic Series. CONTENT ADVISORY: This book is Dark Fantasy - not slasher horror or erotica. Contains violence, language, various adult themes and situations throughout. This book is ideal reading for those who enjoy Modern YA Fantasy - but without training wheels.

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