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For one apprentice assassin, the clock is ticking . . .Pyrre Lakatur doesn't like the description skullsworn. It doesn't capture the beauty of her devotion to Ananshael, God of Death. She is not an assassin, but a priestess. Or she will be, if she can pass her final trial. The problem isn't killing: Pyrre has spent her life training to kill where necessary. The problem is love. To pass the trial, a skullsworn must offer their partner to Ananshael - but Pyrre has never been in love, and time is short. Pyrre throws herself into the other aspects of her trial - until she's arrested by the brilliant, enigmatic Commander Ruc Lan Lac. He might be Pyrre's last chance at love, so she must stay close - even as he investigates the murders she's committing. It's a dangerous dance, trying to fall for a man while worshipping a god he loathes. If she succeeds, she must betray her only love. And if she fails, a violent death awaits them both . . .

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