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Does size matter? Is bigger better? Is incest best? In this massive 4-volume series: son and mother, father and daughter, brother and sister discover if the family that plays together stays together. What if Mom is also your sister and Dad is your grandfather? And what happens when the girls in your family are going to have your baby? In the Johnson family of Dick, Peter, Cookie, and Kitty, “Something Big is Coming.” Now, bigger than ever!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~“A toast,” Dick announced. With her head resting against her mom’s head, Peter’s mom faced towards him. Kitty smiled at her son, contently perched on his grandmother’s lap. His father held up his beer. The others lifted their drinks.“To our loving family,” he intoned.“To family,” the others cheered, they all chinked glasses. Peter cautiously took a small sip from his beer, yet none of them acted as if he drinking a beer with them was an issue.“So Dick, what’s new?” Kitty asked her father, she leaned against her mom. Peter thought there was a feline grace to how mother and daughter were cuddled together.“Nothing much, just been playing with my wood,” he joked. Cookie and Kitty light-heartedly laughed at Dick’s thousand time told joke. He started talking about some of his cabinetry projects and then some local news. Within minutes Dick, Peter’s Grandma and Mom were engaged in conversation. Peter drank his beer as they talked. He paid half attention and lost interest.Looking at his mom and grandmother sitting together, he idly thought that although mature, he found his grandma very attractive. With them snuggled close, the family resemblance between Kitty and Cookie was strikingly obvious. With his grandma’s youthful appearance, Peter thought mother and daughter had a sisterly quality. He noted that his grandma had a fairer complexion and lighter hair color than his mom. Although she didn’t have the incredibly developed, almost exaggeratedly, physique of her daughter, Peter still found her alluring. He thought Cookie was a tasty treat...

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