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My name is Aspha Benedict. I know, it’s not a typical name because it’s not from a typical culture and I’m not a typical 16-year-old girl, and that’s an addition to having a weird set of gray eyes and speaking in a weird accent that none of my family speak in.For 16 years, I lived in Oklahoma with my divorced mother and led to believe I am one of “those girls” fortunate enough to be born with a “talent;” only the sort of “talent” I was born with is making life difficult for me and drives away every potential friend or boyfriend I could have. This unfortunate “talent” that everyone believes I’m lucky to have is the ability to dance.I was born with a natural, undiluted talent in dancing. However, whenever I dance, bad things happen. Bad things that resulted to me being shipped to a boarding school in Bulgaria for people like me to avoid more bad things from happening. A school that isn’t a typical high school.For everyone in the human world, Starr Brook Academy is the best thing that could ever happen to a teenager. For me, Starr Brooke Academy was a nightmare.

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