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They called her the Guardian Angel. Her adventures were legend. She known across the Seven Worlds. She was personally responsible for great destruction, yet saved millions. She took lives. She was a killer. Yet many called her savior. She was a small woman who symbolized big ideas. She looked Human, but she wasn't. And her name was Hadley Price. She had powers and abilities beyond her kind. She was stronger, faster. She had the uncanny ability to discern information others didn't have access to. Some said she was a Sensitive, someone who's intuition was so finely tuned as to be 100% accurate. Some said she could do that because she could see through walls and know what was coming. Others claimed to have witnessed her levitate off the ground. And still others, spoke a rumor that said Hadley Price, one time, brought someone back from the dead. But the one thing she couldn't do, was travel back in time. If anyone could time-travel, it would be the Guardian Angel. But no, her powers did not include that. However, one evening at home with her husband, Hadley and Nathan did travel back in time. They traveled back in time to revisit the days when they first met. It was the start of a love story that lasted two hundred years. Two hundred years...and counting. They traveled back in time in the only way that anyone can do that. By having a conversation about the past. By sharing memories...

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