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Travis explains there is a myth that people with high functioning autism have it made. High functioning autism is more challenging than low functioning autism in some ways and people need to be more aware of the needs of the population of higher functioning people with autism. People with high functioning autism have more expectations to fulfill and it can be harder to find friends and fit in.As an autism community we should not be okay with just having someone being high functioning.We need to be sure that those high functioning people have support as well and can make friends and go get a job and work to become independent and have families. We should not allow ourselves to place limits on how far someone can go just because they are higher functioning than others who are not as fortunate. We need to do what the Autism Society of America says and help all people affected by autism regardless of their functioning level.People with high functioning autism are just as real as people with low functioning autism. We need to find ways to support adults with autism to become independent and live on their own. We cannot just say that being high functioning is good enough because it is not. There is so much more a person with autism like Travis could have if he could just get the help with social skills coaching like he wants at a high functioning level. Unfortunately, he has not been able to be successful in work or school because he has not been able to get the social skills coaching he needs and wants.This is a great book that will draw attention to the myth that people who are higher functioning have it easy in life. That simply is not the case. Here is an excerpt from the book."Being high functioning is a myth. If you have a high functioning child with autism then yes you should be thankful and yes you should celebrate but you must not forget to work on social skills and push for as many services as you can from insurance and the schools. I still have not received any social skills coaching or any kind of specific autism therapy in my entire life. I am expected to just function like other people but man I am getting old and I cannot even keep a job."

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001005600989
    • ISBN:  9781311376824

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