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Mike Ritter and his crew were flying ‘special operations’ all around the Mediterranean when sudden new orders relocate him to Italy to train for a new secret assignment.Circumstances ensured he quickly became entangled with an attractive, certainly a little unstable, but fiery young German woman called Renate Ross. War had forced her to become an army deserter that Mike discovered had worked as a driver for a murdered SS General. This demanding new mission was to fly to Peenemunde, the secret rocket base in Northern Germany with orders to scoop up many of those brilliant scientific minds from under the nose of the advancing Red Army. The purpose in all this was to deliver them to the Allies in England so they could travel onwards to the USA to help with development of the atomic bomb.However, the panicked SS and sadly, later, the British MI6 had other plans for Mike and Renate. This leads to an ugly armed showdown with an unexpected outcome, especially for Mike!Read how the heavy demands on the central characters dealt with everything the brutal war threw at them and how life continued afterwards with its many twists and turns and Mikes search for a lost love.

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