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King Darian has just learned that he has only a few weeks to live, before he will be assassinated by one of his own Mages. With the threat of war looming, he will use any means necessary to insure his survival, even if that means wiping out the entire Mage Society. The only information he has about his assassin, is the nickname "The Red Sparrow". Who is this mysterious would-be-assassin?“Seasons come and go and eras come to a close. At the dawn of the new season the King shall fall; by Mages hand and by fire consumed. From the fire the kingdom shall be reborn. The King will bring about his own fate by hands stained with innocent blood. The tide of death will wash over the city, but a few shall rise from the remains of this fate and become a thorn in his side. No joy shall be felt for the deed. Not for power will the King fall, but for love. The Red Sparrow comes on the wind and will send the King to his fate."This is the vision that foretells the coming assassination of King Darian III of the Kingdom of Endria. Now he will take drastic measures to assure his survival. Those fortunate to survive his wrath will go into hiding, but fate has other plans for them.The Remains of Fate is an urban fantasy full of action and even a little romance. Follow the surviving few as they fight for their lives against a King who is bent on continuing his reign at all costs.

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