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Tracking backwards in time, commencing from the 11th—12th centuries A. D., particularly in the European Continent and more specifically in the Eastern European countries and subsequently spreading to other countries in the world, the preternatural and paranormal phenomenon of Vampirism had been plaguing and scaring the people at large in alarming, if not, in hysterical proportions. The vampires who possessed a human existence, in many instances, generally albeit mistakenly, called the ‘revenants’ by some writers, are supposed to be dead people who have come back to their former life assuming the same physical form and mental faculties for the prime purpose of wreaking vengeance on the individuals or entire families whom they presume to be responsible for their untimely deaths or murders or perhaps, sometimes, on the people who had overtly or surreptitiously committed misdeeds of grave nature against them. Reliable documented proof and empirical evidence, transcending beyond the plethora of fictional vampire literature, vouch for the veracity and credibility of these vampire episodes where it was discovered, even sans any iota of doubt, that these Real Vampires are, in most instances, horrendous and frightful creatures who entertain a morbid desire and an unquenchable appetite and a lust for human blood and in order to achieve this unsavoury purpose, suck the blood of human beings by enchanting and mesmerizing them or perhaps on some occasions, even resort to drinking the blood of animals by killing them.Nevertheless, a somewhat valid belief seems to be prevalent in many countries the world over, to the effect that there exists a certain category of ‘revenants’ who have returned from the dead in order to complete or fulfil an incomplete task or some other important agenda or to fulfil a pledge they were unable to perform or honour, due to their untimely or premature death, most probably caused by a fatal accident. In terms of the general categorization of vampire legend, these ‘revenants’ too fall into the vampire nomenclature and motif, because they have risen from the dead and returned to their former life like the Real Vampires, assuming the same physical form and mental status but nevertheless, do wish to live among the living people in their familiar environment without revealing the true facts about their demise or in the alternative, begun living in an altogether new geographical area rather incognito. However, these least harmful and innocent vampires, the Revenants, it is believed, do not entertain any desire, lust or thirst for human or animal blood, strikingly in contrast to the Real Vampires.

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    • Formato:  ePub
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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
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    • ISBN:  9781772610055

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