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    1;Table of Contents;6 2;The European Association for Creativity and Innovation;10 3;Gesellschaft fur Kreativitat e. V.;12 4;Preface;14 5;Greeting by Sidney J. PArnes;20 6;Cross Cultural Creativity and Innovation;24 7;New Thoughts, Theories and Models;26 7.1;Ideas in the Workplace A New Approach to Organise the Fuzzy Front End of the Innovation Process;28 7.2;How to Stimulate Innovation in a Cluster of Organizations?;46 7.3;Beyond Business Planning The Role of Creativity in Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development;58 7.4;Beyond Systematic Innovation Integration of Emergence and Recursion Concepts into TRIZ and Other Tools;70 7.5;Dialectic Creativity, Based Upon Hegel s Triad of Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis (TAS);88 7.6;How to Make Creativity to Serve the Objectives of Corporate Strategy;106 7.7;A Gender View on Creativity;120 7.8;The More the Better?;126 7.9;Interactions between Product Development and Production I Clashes in Cross-Cultural Learning;138 7.10;Interactions between Product Development and Production II Clashes in Cross-Cultural Abstraction Levels;156 7.11;Creative Complexes: A Theoretical Framework for Collaborative Creativity;174 7.12;Creative Problem Solving in Software Development Outsourcing through Internet;192 7.13;Global Strategic Guidelines for Innovation Management;198 8;Empirical Research;210 8.1;Impacts of Cultural Diversity on New Ventures Theoretical and Empirical Findings;212 8.2;The Contingency and Inevitability of Organizational Innovation Case Analysis of Ten Innovative Enterprises;242 8.3;Climate for Creativity in Polish Companies: Does a New Market Economy Need New Ideas?;262 8.4;Turning the Tide: The Quiet Resolve of Private Entrepreneurs in China;286 8.5;A Comparative Research on Creativity Development between Japanese and Chinese Enterprises;300 8.6;Is the Hydrogen Economy Coming?;314 9;Practical Reports from Business Experience;326 9.1;About Barriers to Innovation, Learning and Company Culture;328 9.2;Unilever: A Global Approach;338 9.3;Vitalizing the Innovation Process within and across Company Boundaries;346 9.4;Six Companies Join Forces - Report on a Group Project New Products ;354 9.5;Fast, Innovative Breakthrough Using Cross-Cultural Collaboration;362 9.6;Organizational Due Diligence (OD2);372 9.7;Can You Drive Cross-Cultural, Cross-Functional Innovation Workshops Successfully ?;392 9.8;Winning Team Results! A Team-Based Approach to Project Management in Cross-Cultural Environments;422 10;Practical Reports using Methods and Technology;454 10.1;Open Space Technology - It Works!;456 10.2;Managerial Strategies of Power Tech Contest;468 10.3;Cross Cultural Implications for Creative Problem Solving;480 10.4;Interview on the Global Success of Mind-Mapping;490 10.5;The Dance of the Hero: Transcultural Myths and Creativity;498 10.6;Cross-Cultural Expert Teams in the Scenario Development Process;502 11;Practical Reports from Education;512 11.1;Effective Functions of Bilingual Teaching to Promote Creative Thinking;514 11.2;Pedagogy of Subjectivity Basic Principles and their Practical Usage in Education;520 11.3;R & D Activities in Japanese Companies and Universities;536 12;History of the German Association for Creativity;552 13;Day of Creativity;562 14;Authors;566 15;Editors;574 15.1;Diplom-Kaufmann Heinz-Jurgen Boeddrich;576 15.2;Professor Dr. BErnd Jostingmeier;580

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      • Ano:  2007
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      • País de Produção: Germany
      • Código de Barras:  9783486583212
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