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    Creative Keynote: 7 Steps to Public Speaking Artistry for Creative Professionals is a revolutionary public speaking program that is designed to change the way you think, feel and experience the act of speaking in public. It’s written especially for creative professionals such as authors, artists and designers who wish to become more confident, influential and inspirational public speakers so they can speak share more of their art with the world. For so long now, public speaking has been feared to the point that this fear has become universally accepted. When public speaking is approached from this place of fear, presentations lack creativity, originality and emotional connection in both content and the delivery. It becomes a terrifying experience for the presenter and a terrifyingly boring experience for the audience. Considering there is no genuine threat to a presenter’s life when they speak in public, there’s no reason why we should fear it. There’s absolutely no reason our presentations can’t be as uplifting and enlightening as our art. We need to approach public speaking as another form of art where we can allow our creative genius to express itself for the benefit and enjoyment of all. As a public speaking coach with over fifteen years experience, Hedley Derenzie has developed a philosophy and practical methodology to public speaking that shifts the experience from one of fear to one of creative inspiration and expression. This book is written for those creative people who wish to bring their artistic talents and abilities into their next presentation. About the Author: Hedley Derenzie is an author, speaker and coach specializing in working with creative professionals to express more of their creativity through the act of public speaking. While living in Los Angeles during her early twenties, Hedley worked as both a writer for a fashion magazine and a television presenter for a local cable station. It was while standing in front of a television camera for the first time when Hedley quickly discovered she wasn’t exactly a natural public speaker. In fact, she was terrified. Aware that her reaction to public speaking was irrational, upon returning to Sydney she enrolled in a number of ‘presentation skills’ workshops to help build her confidence. It wasn’t long before Hedley was facilitating these programs and eventually founded her own company specialising in public speaking coaching and training. With fifteen years of experiences, Hedley has helped hundreds of people from corporate executives to creative professionals to overcome their fears of public speaking and become the presenters they were born to be - confident, clear and engaging. During this time Hedley has developed a unique philosophy and practical approach to public speaking which has become the foundation of this book and her coaching program. Hedley has a keen interest in art, design and business and is passionate about empowering people to express themselves more confidently and creatively, especially when in front of an audience.

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