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    Unleash Your Meeting Potential™: A Comprehensive Guide to Leading Effective Meetings Meetings are one of the most common business activities across nearly every industry and organization. Billions of dollars are wasted every year on countless, ineffective meetings. Frustrations commonly expressed include a lack of clear purpose, no developed agendas, no one knows why they were invited, not reaching any decisions, discussions running off-track, and a lack of follow up. Meeting management principles and skills are never taught in school, and most organizations fail to offer this as part of their orientation and training programs. And yet, leading meetings is a standard expectation. So where do they expect you to learn this? Imagine if you were trained with a simple, straightforward methodology around leading effective meetings. You would consistently achieve the results you want, people would feel valued for their input, greater collaboration would take place, and all your projects and initiatives would move forward successfully. Unleash Your Meeting Potential™ guides you through a proven, standardized approach called ***The 3 Step Meeting Framework***™. This book details everything you should do before, during and after a meeting. You will learn how to: Define your meeting purpose, objectives and expected outcomes Identify and invite the right people, and select the appropriate meeting format Determine the logistics, and develop a meeting appointment Create a clear meeting agenda, and lead an effective discussion Document the key decisions, action items, and next steps Develop a follow up communication, and hold participants accountable And so much more… Meetings are a powerful enabler to achieving success in your career. If you are looking to lead more effective meetings immediately, this leading, “go-to” resource book is for you. To enhance your learning and to put these steps into practice, look for and follow along with the Unleash Your Meeting Potential Workbook, sold separately. This workbook walks you through the steps and activities with exercises, templates, and detailed instructions. The Unleash Your Meeting Potential 16 x 20 inch Wall Poster, also available, will allow you to maintain a visual reminder of The 3 Step Meeting Framework in your office, boardroom, lunchroom, etc. Unleash Your Meeting Potential is beneficial for new, aspiring, and seasoned leaders and managers, consultants, project managers, and students preparing for the business environment. This book is also a valuable resource for organizational development consultants and talent management teams who support staff and professional training and development.

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