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The book explains how business analysts and information technology professionals can work together to create innovative business solutions using the agile approaches now emerging in practice. It explains the methods used by such cross disciplinary teams to create business value based on the use of information technology. These methods combine concepts now found in agile system development, such as stories, features, roles and business activities, into collaborative processes that lead to innovative solutions to business and social problems. The emphasis of the book is on teams using these concepts to encourage the communication needed to define new ways of working while providing a path to successful implementation. From the book you will learn: About the emerging business environment: • How the increasingly dynamic and complex environments place increasing focus on more agile approaches to design new systems, • The closer relationship between business systems and technology and ways to create business value through technology. The methods used in agile business system design • How to build systems to manage complexity through better collaboration between business systems. • The emerging agile practices in the way business needs are identified, including use of stories, epics, features and business in agile business system design. • How to align collaboration to business process. • The team roles needed in teamwork and innovation. • The characteristics of a good design. • Ways to foster innovation in design. • The basic practices now being followed in agile business system design. • How to structure multi-disciplinary teams to work together to build new system. The implementation of design, • Evaluating proposed solutions, • Steps to create an architecture. • Project management methods. The focus of the book is on identifying what is needed in systems and ways to create business value in competitive environments. Stories emphasize what added value is possible and then the process continues by showing how to provide the features through technology. The book emphasizes collaboration, closer links between business units based on social relationships, knowledge sharing and innovation. The book also introduces the design of information system architectures and choice of technology together with the emerging project management methods used in delivering systems.

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