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    Millions of blacks (people of colour) study and work hard to get qualified and enter the corporate world with aspirations to make it to the top. Many succeed, but there are many who are still a long way away. It’s not because they are not qualified or good at what they do, but it because they don’t understand the corporate “game” and how to play it skillfully and diligently. They have not yet found a way to deal with all the nuances, barriers and limitations they encounter in the corporate world. Some of these barriers and limitations are self inflicted and perceived, while others are as a result of socialization, racism and most of all fear.   All of this can be overcome but many black professionals don’t know where to start on their success journey. There is a lack of confidence, structure and proper tools to help them thrive and succeed. They tend to aim too low when they have the phenomenal power and skills to reach for the stars and conquer anything. Romeo Effs wrote Enthusiasm Unchained, Unshackling Personal and Professional Success – A Black Perspective to help inspire and empower you as a “black bright spark” to take quantum leaps towards your success personally and professionally.  The book will give you the structure, tools and techniques you need as a black professional to navigate and maneuver the trappings of the corporate world and play the corporate game to win. After reading this book and applying the principles laid out in the pages you will have greater clarity on what your vision and goals are, what success looks like for you, and have a mindset shift that anything and everything is possible. You will get rid of the fear of perceived “glass ceilings”, limitations and stereotypes, that prevents you from reaching farther, fast and getting to the top of your game quicker. You will have the confidence and hunger to level the playing field and conquer anything. Welcome to the world of the conquering Gladiator, one of empowerment and prosperity!

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