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Starting out in business for the first time? Just keep in mind that time and money are your most precious resources. With the exception of relatively few big investment, high growth projects taking on full time costly ‘entrepreneurial’ education will quite possibly do little to move your venture forward. Wouldn’t it be wiser to invest your valuable time and precious cash in your fledgling business? But first, to avoid some deadly pitfalls, you need to become aware of some really important stuff and that’s the purpose of this book. It is essential to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’, and the best place to do that is within your own enterprise. But before jumping in at the deep end there’s some fundamental matters you need to be aware of. 50 Shades of Start-up is not another ‘how to start a business’ book; there’s plenty of these around. Its purpose is to awaken you to the fundamentals underpinning any business, think about them in the context of your planned venture, the environment in which you find yourself and your personal situation. For any kind of business getting these fundamentals right will help set you on the road to success. Business start-up is a 24 x 7 occupation leaving little time for entrepreneurs to toil their way through conventional business books, in contrast to 50 Shades of Start-up, which sets out 50 short thought provoking, critically important, topics for you to reflect and act upon. oWE ARE UNIQUE oLISTEN TO YOUR HEART oYOUR PERSONAL SITUATION oYOUR ENVIRONMENT oIS THERE A NEED? oIS YOUR BUSINESS IDEA PRACTICAL? oADDING VALUE oHOW WILL YOU COMPETE? oMARKET FOCUS oTHINK OF THE FUTURE oWHAT SORT OF CUSTOMER? oTHE COMPLEX SALE oCHANNELS TO MARKET oEASIER STUFF TO SELL oHARD STUFF TO SELL oREALLY TOUGH STUFF TO SELL oMISSION CRITICAL oA QUESTION OF INTEGRATION oSIZE MATTERS oGIVE ME A DEMONSTRATION oSCALE-ABILITY oSOFT OR HARD START oFINANCING / OWNERSHIP CHALLENGE oFOUNDER CONSIDERATIONS oGROWING YOUR BUSINESS VALUE oTHE FATE OF YOUR BUSINESS oYOU AND THE BUSINESS oBUSINESS LEGAL STATUS oBUSINESS PLANNING oCASH-FLOW FORECASTING oWHERE DOES THE CASH GO? oCASH IS KING oSTART-UP MONEY AND CONTROL oINVESTMENT REALITY oBANK LENDING oDEBT AND SECURITY oWORKING ON YOUR BUSINESS oHOLD CLOSE COMPETITIVE STRENGTHS oREGULATORY HURDLES oINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY oTECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT oKEEPING TRACK OF THE BUSINESS oTAXATION COMPLIANCE oBUILDING A TEAM oVALUES AND CULTURE oDUE DILIGENCE oBE VERY AWARE oBEWARE, PREDATORS oMIND YOUR DISTANCE oMANAGING YOUR TIME ---------------------------------------

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121581339
    • ISBN:  9781370798230

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