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Master the Secrets of Mind Over MoneyDo you want a greater sense of purpose, control, and clarity with your money?Do you want to improve the direction and quality of your financial life?Our world is full of people living on their backs and dying on their feet because no one showed them a better way. This book will help you to cultivate the mind set and skills you need to create the financial life you really want in todays economy—or in any economy.Inside you will discover how to:•Eliminate debt and conquer credit abuse•Create lifelong success with budgeting and financial planning•Exercise personal power over spending and consumption•Save and invest intelligently and purposefully•Decide what prosperity really means to you•Develop the financial beliefs and habits that serve your highest values•Manage your risk for greater rewardsWhat precisely is Money Mindfunk?Money Mindfunk is:•joyous and inspired mindfulness with regard to your wealth and personal finances•A wonderfully robust state of mind characterised by curiosity, courage, clarity, and creative independent thought•The cultivated capacity for dealing with myths, misunderstandings, misinformation, and misdirection•The practised ability and habitual desire to ask more and better questions of oneself and others in order to seek out and apply the truth—no matter how implausible, unpopular, or uncomfortable it may be•The sum total of a persons thinking, emotion, language and behaviour that leads them to be, do, and have what they want with precision, power, passion, and purpose•The antidote to another similar-sounding vulgar term that means to intentionally destabilise, disengage, desensitise, deceive, or by other means manipulate the mind of a personWhy is Money Mindfunk important?Even smart people end up making big money mistakes because of the many myths and misunderstandings they have bought into. Money Mindfunk will help you to bust through those myths and misunderstandings instead of busting a gut, busting your budget, or busting your financial future. It will show you how to cultivate the mind set and skills you need to create the financial life you really want and deserve in todays economy.If you are fed up with reading the same old tired about how to get rich, then this book is for you. In it you will find a treasury of almost six hundred myth-busting, thought-provoking truths and ideas for leading yourself so that you can experience more positive outcomes of the way you think, feel and behave in the area of money.Monty Sandhu has written Money Mindfunk from his own experience of making money work and of coaching other people to do the same. Inside you will find the collective wisdom of people who have been on the same journey as you and found more and better answers on how to improve the direction and quality of their financial lives. Money Mindfunk will open the way for you to win the mental game of money.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000173397875
    • ISBN:  9780957174320

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